Daily Prompt: Ancient

Ancient grains for weeks for years

they desire with their consumer cheer.

slap it down on everything

ancient grains are all they eat.

Poor employee tired and bitter

with all the mean ancient grain-filled consumers

spill ancient grains all across the floor

and tell the consumers there are no more.

Fortunately for you, this does not actually happen.

If you come for ancient grains, I assure you, we will have them

in stock, all set up for us to sell and to serve

for in every employee’s heart is a soft spot for the consumer.

I regret writing this poem it’s dull and it’s long.

It’s for the most part inaccurate but I was lured by the prompt

to write of something ancient so I chose to muse the grain

and slide in a complaint or two about a job that drives me insane.


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