You know you’ve got it good when you want to be who you are.

The miracle is to love yourself in every state without condition or pretense.

There, somewhere in the supernatural, you will find freedom to be.

Expectations will prostitute before you and insecurity will spread its knees…

only to remain untouched.

Satisfied with searching out your own expanse, you’ll only want to be yourself.


Are you ghosting your days?

Have you been waving to an empty life?

You should be stalking your dreams,

if not catching them by surprise.

There’s too much of the sky left that still hasn’t fallen.

Don’t give up on catching your own piece of heaven, yet.


Ecosystems fall.

Webs of friendships snap.

Spider people die.

Pests then dissappear.

Ecosystems fall.

Water  breaks the earth.

Swarms of lovers flee.

Shit happens. Yes, it does.

Ecosystems fall.

Straw hats fly away.

The fruit on trees give up.

Nature takes its course.

Ecosystems fall.

Time tells all a joke.

History doesn’t laugh.

New things say hello.



We should all be quarantined because

humans only hurt each other.

We all have the same disease of

doing bad to make us better.


Take it, take it all.

Take it all, take it far.

Shake it off your hands and out of your mind.

Don’t hold on.

Let it fall, let it break, watch it decay

Pray it crumbles, pray it rusts

Let it go, it’s in the past.

Chase it high, chase it low.

Lose your smile and lose your soul.

See dollar signs turn into death.

That’s when you’ll get your money back.